About CSA Services

CSA Services provides premium solar power and electrical solutions to homes and businesses around Brisbane, and businesses across Australia’s eastern states.

Maximising the Potential of Solar Power

CSA Services is a Brisbane-based, family-owned business offering expert and innovative energy management solutions.

The business was formed by electrician and electrical engineer Paul Jones and his wife Catherine in 2007, after they witnessed first-hand the rapidly increasing demand for solar power technology in sun-drenched Queensland.

Knowing the difference solar panels could make to energy bills, Paul initially set out to establish Brisbane’s most reliable, knowledgeable and skilled team of solar installation experts.

CSA Services has installed solar power for over 5,000 Brisbane homes and has become the go-to solar power solutions providers for major companies, including:

  • IKEA
  • the University of Queensland
  • Energex.

We work with businesses in Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria, to deliver exceptional customer care, backed by genuine business relationships and industry expertise.

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Years In The Solar Industry
Commercial Solar Projects Completed
Residential Solar Installs Completed
MW Of Solar Installed
Commercial Battery Storage Brisbane

University Of Queensland, James And Mary Emelia Mayne Centre Building – 133.62KW Solar Installation

Ibis Computer 17.9KW Solar PV Installation

installing solar panels Brisbane

CBJ Health Club Solar Installation

University of Queensland Duhig North Building – 138KW Solar Installation

installing solar panels Brisbane

Maria And Neil, Residential Solar, Thornlands

IKEA Commercial Solar Installation

Conroy Dance Studio Lighting Transformation

Customer Service is Key

Our team of experts bring experience across client, consultant, contractor and subcontractor roles. The specialist solar solutions we provide help to:

  • save money
  • support clean energy
  • minimise risk for residential and commercial properties

As a one-stop shop, we can offer the design, supply, installation and commissioning (EPC) for turnkey projects. This helps businesses of all sizes to save time and money throughout the solar installation process.

All our team members, from sales representatives to licensed electricians and qualified engineers, understand our clients’ needs and deliver projects on time and within budget. We are committed to bringing you insights into how energy is used in your home or business and finding you the most cost-effective methods to save energy.

More than a basic installation company, we offer a range of quality services as well as expert advice. This will help you discover better electrical solutions and maximise the potential savings of solar power.

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Our Clients

CSA Services is proud to have worked with major companies across the eastern states of Australia.

CSA Services have recently delivered almost 500 kW of rooftop PV for UQ. We’ve been continually impressed
by the quality of their workmanship, their attention to detail, and the value add they bring to every project,
above and beyond what we see from most contractors. Undertaking works within the university environment
with over 30,000 people on campus every day is no easy task, but the team at CSA have been flawless.

Andrew Wilson

Manager Energy & Sustainability, University of Queensland

CSA Services came to see me the day I requested a quote. I believe they took the time to properly understand what I was trying to achieve with my system. They came when they said they would to do the install. The install was neat and tidy and they left no mess. I was fully informed of what was going on. The remote monitoring system is excellent. They came without my needing to ask, to replace a DC Optimizer that had stopped communicating. They accommodated my request and arranged a firmware upgrade so I could access per phase power measurements in my inverter via Modbus-TCP – although this caused some hiccups they patiently resolved the issues.
Very happy!

Ian Turner

IBIS Computer Pty Ltd

We had CSA Services install 93 solar panels on the roof 18 months ago. Our electricity bill went from $1000+ per month to being in credit by more than $1900.
We are extremely happy with CSA Services. The installation was hassle free with no down time to our business. Any questions are always answered promptly. We can see our usage at a glance with the monitoring.
All in all I would highly recommend CSA Services for your solar needs.

Di McKone

Parry & Williams Upholstery

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Our Partners

Quality products are one of the most important elements of solar technology. For this reason, we only partner with the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is solar power?
How much money will solar power save my home or business?
When will I see return on investment?
Should I purchase a battery for my home?
How do I know I can rely on CSA Services?
How long does it take to install solar panels?
Is solar power right for my home or business?
What other services do you provide?
Do I get a rebate for installing solar power in Brisbane?
How much do solar panels cost?
What is solar power?

Solar power systems work by converting light from the sun into energy, which is then used to power your home or is exported to the grid. Using the sun’s rays, panels on your roof generate what’s known as DC (Direct Current) electricity. This is fed into an inverter, which is converted into AC (Alternating Current) electricity which is used to power your home.

Current technology allows us to use solar power to power our homes and businesses. Many buildings use a combination of solar and ‘grid-based’ electricity to reduce the cost of their energy bills and to minimise environmental impact.

How much money will solar power save my home or business?

Some properties notice savings of hundreds of dollars very soon after panels are installed. The amount of money you save will depend on how your home or business uses electricity and at what times of day power is used.

When we install your system, we will share advice on how you can leverage the technology for the best results.  

When will I see return on investment?

The timeframe for return on investment from solar panels can vary. However, we will provide an estimate when we assess your home or business.

Should I purchase a battery for my home?

Home batteries store the energy generated by the sun for use after dark. At present, many families find the price of this technology to be limiting. However, these prices are expected to drop in the near future so it is a great idea to start thinking about being battery-ready. Contact CSA Services to find out more about this technology.

How do I know I can rely on CSA Services?

There are many second-rate solar power installation companies which sell inferior quality products. When you contact CSA Services, you will notice you are not directed to an overseas call centre as we are completely locally based. Our company employs fully accredited solar power installers so you can rest assured you are receiving the best quality products, installed by qualified technicians.

How long does it take to install solar panels?

Solar panels can be installed on a residential property in as little as one day. For a commercial property, project times vary depending on requirements.

Is solar power right for my home or business?

Solar power has the potential to save your home or business hundreds to thousands of dollars per year while also improving property value and reducing your property’s impact on the environment. CSA Services will conduct an inspection to determine if solar power is right for your property and how you can maximise the benefits of this technology.

What other services do you provide?

Along with energy audits, solar panels and installation, CSA Services also provides the following:

  • Residential battery storage supply and installation
  • Residential solar maintenance and servicing
  • Energy management systems
  • Electric vehicle charger installation
  • All electrical work
  • Commercial battery storage supply and installation
  • Commercial solar maintenance and servicing
  • Commercial LED lighting / energy efficiency
  • Electric vehicle charger installation
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Electrical services
  • Project Management

Get in touch to find out how we can support your home or business’s solar and electrical needs.

Do I get a rebate for installing solar power in Brisbane?

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme creates a financial incentive for individuals and small businesses to install eligible small-scale renewable energy systems such as solar panel systems, small-scale wind systems, small-scale hydro systems, solar water heaters and air source heat pumps.

Visit http://www.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au/RET/About-the-Renewable-Energy-Target/How-the-scheme-works/Small-scale-Renewable-Energy-Scheme or chat to our team to find out more about the details of this scheme.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of solar panels varies depending on your requirements and the size of your property. CSA services will provide a detailed quote after inspecting your premises.