Beat Bill Shock in the New Year With Solar

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With Christmas just around the corner, a house full of family and friends means it’s not just the tree lights that cost more to run at this time of year.

Running the air con during the day and keeping the pool clean for guests, as well as extra showers, more lights, and oven roast turkey can all mean a much higher energy bill in the New Year, probably around the same time your Christmas credit card bill is dropping on the mat.

So now might be a good time to talk to CSA Services about installing a solar power energy system. Solar energy is a cost effective way to keep the house cool and the pool clean, but it doesn’t just power the big-ticket items.

The savings stretch to running all your appliances, whether it’s a few more loads in the washing machine, more home cooked meals, or just heating those extra showers.

So get solar installed now for a cooler Christmas and a chilled out New Year when the bills start rolling in.

The outlook is still sunny for solar

Installing solar used to be about earning money but with lower feed-in tariffs the emphasis has shifted to installing high performance solar systems that deliver more energy, more efficiently.

CSA Services energy management solutions can help you find the right solutions to maximise the return on your investment in solar. Whether its scheduling the washing machine or dishwasher to run at staggered times during the day, or only running the pool pump during daylight hours.

CSA Services design and install reliable, safe, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that will give you maximum energy output and long-term performance, and offer the best return for your investment. We can advise on the best solar package for you based on your energy needs.

Government rebates make solar even more attractive

Installing solar will save you money in the long term but thanks to government rebates, your upfront cost can also lower.

Administered by the Clean Energy Regulator, the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) offers rebates on the installation of eligible solar PV panels or solar hot water systems.

The Regulator issues Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) redeemable against the cost of installation.

The power output of the system, location and date of installation determines the number of STCs issued with rebates up to as much as $4500 available.

CSA Services expert team can advise you on this and any other rebates available.

How do I save with solar?

Energy consumption is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and a quick look at your last energy bill will tell you what your average daily consumption is.

Generally, the bigger the house and the bigger the family the more energy you use, and your current consumption, patterns of usage and future plans will determine the best solar power system for you.

CSA Services will match your energy needs with a high performance solar power system that ensures a steady flow of clean reliable safe energy.

Flexible options mean you can transition to solar over time and real-time management options mean you can monitor and adjust the performance of your system to match fluctuations in usage and quickly fix any performance issues.

How to maximise your solar savings

Installing a solar power system is just one of a number of steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption and cut costs. Other actions include:

  • Reducing or changing pool pump operating times
  • Making sure air con filters are clean so you can run it at a lower setting
  • Only running the dishwasher when its full
  • Checking the adequacy of your home insulation
  • Selecting the most energy efficient replacements for worn out appliances

CSA Services holistic approach to energy management solutions mean we do more than just supply and install your solar power system. With a reputation for clear honest advice, we can help you transform the way you use energy and start saving money.

The future is bright for solar

Solar technology is changing and the most exciting new technology for homes is solar storage.

Accessible cost effective battery storage for residential solar power systems will soon be a reality and storage systems such as the Tesla Powerwall are expected as early as December.

Power storage systems:

  • drive energy savings by using less energy from the grid
  • give you greater control over your energy and reduce your carbon footprint
  • provide secure and reliable back-up power

CSA Services can help you prepare for the transition to energy storage now with compatible systems like SolarEdge that you can expand when storage becomes a reality.

High energy performance with SolarEdge

SolarEdge is an innovative high performance solar power system of exceptional quality that:

  • allows you to invest in solar in stages
  • is compatible with new storage technology
  • offers real-time performance management

What CSA Services does differently

CSA services are experts in innovative energy management solutions and we can help you transform the way you create and use energy.

Our customer focussed approach sets us apart from the crowd, as does our commitment to quality of service. Our expert team of trusted professionals has a reputation for clear honest advice.

Call CSA Services today for an informal discussion on the solar options available for you.

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