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Conroy Dance Studio

Conroy Dance Studio requested an energy audit of their warehouse and office building to determine the quickest and easiest method of reducing their electricity consumption and costs.

In 2012, Conroy Dance Studio made major financial savings by changing from their existing lighting to new LED lighting throughout the warehouse and office building.

Benefit: Savings calculations are based on the following assumptions:

Lights are on:

  • 10 hours per day
  • 5 days per week
  • 50 weeks per year

Cost of electricity is 27.06 cents per kWh

We were able to determine:

  • their existing lighting cost per year was $15,002.00
  • their new lighting cost per year will be $4,811.00

This is a total savings of $10,191.00 per year. The payback period for this job is 2.75 years.

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