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Maria And Neil

I wanted to install solar for a number of years. We installed an air conditioner just before Christmas in 2014 and our electricity bill jumped from $450 to $850. So, I gave CSA Services a call.

We were initially concerned about the cost of a solar system but this gave us the nudge we needed. We’d done the research so we knew we wanted a system that would work with battery storage when that came along. We also wanted to avoid the experience of friends who’d opted for a cheaper system only to be faced with massive bills because they hadn’t been able to monitor its performance. The final kicker was getting my partner across the line; he’s an electrician and pretty fussy about anyone touching our home electrical system so I knew we would have to pick a high-quality system.”

What CSA Services did for us.

“CSA Services helped us pick the system that was right for our current and future needs. They offered honest advice and competitive pricing for a high-performance system. Our 3kW SolarEdge system is compatible with new battery storage technology coming soon and we can expand it with additional panels. We can even check how it’s performing with a real time monitoring system. The installation team was very professional, stepping us through how the system worked and even cleaning up after themselves. The CSA Customer Service team took us through the connection process, making our life easier and helping us avoid the fate of friends who installed a solar system with another company only to discover after three months it hadn’t actually been connected.”

“We used to dread getting energy bills but these days we’re excited to see how much we’ve saved.”

What did we really like about CSA Services?

“CSA Services really helped us get more from our solar system. Since the lower feed in tariff meant we weren’t going to get much credit from our energy supplier they suggested a few things we could do differently to get the most from our system. Now we set the washing machine and the dishwasher to run during the day when we are at the office. Knowing friends who used CSA and had a great experience and great results also gave us confidence, and we love that we can use an iPhone App to track the performance of our SolarEdge system. CSA Services also advised us on the best energy companies for pricing and solar tariffs; we had no idea energy companies charged different prices!”

The Results

“We were pretty blown away by the impact of solar. We got our first energy bill two months after installation and it had dropped to $450; our latest bill was just $277. Christmas is coming and that means more air con and more pool time for us, so we’re already planning to get CSA Services to add more panels so we can upgrade to a 5kW system. We used to dread getting energy bills but these days we’re excited to see how much we’ve saved. We are planning to buy the Tesla Powerwall Battery storage system when it’s here in 2016 and hopefully become a bit less dependent on the grid. We would recommend CSA Services because they gave us great advice, supported us through every stage of the process, and more importantly we already seen some great results. We definitely made the right decision investing in a high quality system from CSA Services.”

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