Cheaper Batteries Will Make a Solar Dream Come True

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Solar power is increasingly available as energy storage becomes more affordable – but it’s been a long time coming.

While we see solar storage as the next logical step for cutting-edge solar technology, higher costs have in the past held up its progression.

Storing energy generated from solar power to use later rather than immediately, will dramatically change the way we as Australians access, and pay, for power.

Energy storage systems allow excess solar energy to be stored in batteries during off-peak times and used during peak hours to reduce your energy bill or stored for use at night-time.

Battery storage systems can almost double the self-consumption of solar PV for the average business or home which means more savings on power bills than simply installing solar alone.

Solar systems generate more power in the middle of the day, when usage is at its lowest, so storage means getting the most from your solar system at all times of the day.

With the feed reduction in tariffs it also means you avoid selling excess energy back to the grid at a lower price rather than buying it back for later in the day when you need it.

Reduced reliance on the network means lower power bills and less risk of power outage.

As battery prices continue to drop, so does the payback period of the initial investment.

Apart from powering all small business electrical appliances we believe the large-scale roll-out of electric vehicles could become a reality as issues with accessing charging stations are overcome.

Communities and local councils could benefit from solar storage with a knock-on effect to rate payers thanks to reduced overhead costs, as well as job opportunities in a growth industry.

Remote and island communities won’t have to rely entirely on expensive alternative fuel sources like diesel or LPG to generate power.

A reduction in existing network maintenance and upgrade costs and the need to source expensive gas-powered electricity during periods of peak demand could mean cheaper electricity for those still on the grid.

If you invest wisely for the future, you can enjoy savings by consuming the solar power you generate during the day, at night.

You will be less reliant on the grid and use more clean power, which is good for the planet.

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