CSA Services can help your business power into the future. Our leading energy management experts will:

  • Help you choose a system that will save money and increase profits
  • Improve your long-term building valuations
  • Reduce your carbon emissions so you can be part of a new energy future in Australia

A solar system installed on the roof of your business, factory or commercial offices is backed by the power of the sun. With no carbon emissions and a very low energy footprint, solar power can provide renewable energy to fully or partially power your organisation, helping to offset CO2 emissions.

When you choose CSA Services you:

  • Receive quality solar solutions
  • Have access to leading energy management expertise
  • The best advice and reliable installation from an honest and trusted company

CSA Services energy management experts will help you:

Understand your energy needs

We will design a solar panel solution for your roof that will give you the best return on your investment and consider your energy needs. We will guide you through the process and our expert engineering team will manage the design and installation of your PV project.

Power your savings

Our company is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.  We have a team of accredited designers and installers who carry out the design and installation of our PV projects.  Our professional, licensed electricians will install your system.

Make sure you're aware of rebates

Especially for the surplus solar electricity your new panels may generate and put back into the grid.

CSA Services delivers exceptional customer care. We have genuine business relationships and partner with quality suppliers to ensure you receive quality solar solutions. We have a strong reputation as an expert, honest and trusted company.

Commercial Solar Power Installations