Invest in Solar Technology for Future Savings

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The pace of technology is astounding, especially in the solar industry where companies are driven to create more innovative, efficient and high-energy performance systems than ever before.

CSA Services believe if you invest wisely now in the right solar energy system you will see long-term financial savings. You can also have a positive impact on the health of our planet for future generations.

with the abundance of sunshine in Queensland it’s not uncommon for households (who have solar energy) to save upwards of 25% or more on their power bill

In fact, with the abundance of sunshine in Queensland it’s not uncommon for households (who have solar energy) to save upwards of 25% or more on their power bill. And, with systems like “The Edge” from CSA Services, which is compatible with the new Tesla storage system, you will be prepared to harness energy from the sun to light the dark and have a truly future-proof and integrated system.

Advanced technology

Combining exceptional quality Canadian Solar panels with a SolarEdge Inverter, SolarEdge Power Optimizers and the most advanced cloud based monitoring system, CSA Services have put together, “The Edge” package, which is the ultimate solar solution.

SolarEdge has changed the face of technology by embedding a power optimiser in each PV solar panel so essentially each individual panel has its own MPPT.

Traditional photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems turn the sun’s energy into power by converting the current from DC to AC via a single centralised inverter that constantly adjusts the current to the find the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for the solar panels as a whole.

So, if the power output for the panels is mismatched because of shade, dirt, damage or a different tilt angle, then potential power can be lost.

Solar Edge’s MPPT system offers flexibility and system scalability, as well as highly efficient power generation with up to 25% more energy output than traditional solar systems.

So you get more power from less, the option to build up your solar system over time, and lower power bills!

Incredible monitoring

SolarEdge monitoring provides important data “at a glance”. You can view your energy production on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis and easily monitor your power consumption.

On top of this you can create a physical layout of the panels on your roof. This means you can easily see real-time performance data for each individual panel and for the whole system.

If you invest in “The Edge” package with CSA Services, you’ll also have access to an application for remote monitoring from your iPhone or Android so you can see your dashboard on your smartphone!

Solaredge Infographic


The Solar Edge system is armed with Safe DC Solar panel shut down. This reduces the amount of energy generated by each panel to 1V, creating a safe system in the event of an emergency.

Some existing systems continue to be energized when the sun is shining and are often wired for high-voltage DC. That means they can pose a risk to emergency services personnel. In the event of a fire, this may mean the difference between emergency services personnel containing a fire at your home, rather than fighting it.

Future savings

On planet Earth, we have a handy fusion reactor, the sun, which can be used to harness incredible amounts of power! However, this power is generated at its peak during the day, not in the morning and evening, when your household uses the most power.

By creating a home battery storage system that charges using electricity generated by your solar panels, Tesla has delivered the missing peace in the solar puzzle, to give you a truly integrated system, now and into the future.

In “The Edge” system, CSA Services use a SolarEdge inverter to ensure that you can simply plug into the Tesla home storage system when it becomes available.

That means you can save money by using more of the power that your solar system generates during the day, instead of drawing expensive electricity from the grid at night.

CSA Services are experts in residential and commercial energy management.

We can transform the way you use energy and our expertise is backed by exceptional customer service and many years’ experience providing cost saving advice.

Our trusted team of professionals provide high quality reliable energy management solutions that fit your home and business needs.

For more information on the right solar system for you, request an information pack or “get help finding the right system for you”.

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