Summer Is Fast Approaching – It’s A Great Time to Install Solar

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Installing solar panels is worthwhile any time of year, but with summer only a few months away from the advantages of solar power will be even more noticeable.

In terms of solar generation, summer is the best season thanks to rising temperatures, more sunshine, clear and longer than average days.

Home and work air conditioning use spikes in response to the heat, and more sunlight for your panels equals a lower electricity bill.

Air conditioners on average are run up to twice as long in summer compared to other seasons – especially in Queensland – and a solar system greatly combats the rise in power consumption.

With children home for school holidays and several special occasions on the calendar (e.g. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Australia Day) general electricity usage will also rise.

Rooftop solar panels generate energy from the sun to power your entire household or workplace, and it’s likely you will see payback on a solar system in four-to-five years, which is a 15 percent return on investment.

Another reason to get cracking on a solar installation in the final quarter of the year is because the Federal Government solar rebate is dropping in January, and the incentives (STCs) are gradually
being phased out.

By installing your system in the early summer months, you can secure the current STCs and maximize your savings off the upfront cost of a new solar PV system.

The incentives subsidize the upfront cost of installing a solar power system and are not means-tested.

The only criteria for claiming are:
• Your PV system is less than 100kW in size.
• You get it installed and designed by a Clean Energy Council accredited professional.

We suggest installing solar panels sooner rather than later for summer, knowing you are generating
power and putting money back in your pocket.

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