Tesla Powerwall – a Worthy Investment or $800 Million Hype?

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Tesla recently announced that Australia will be one of the first markets to receive their ground-breaking home battery system. This announcement is expected to have a big impact on the Australian energy sector and has expanded discussion around energy storage. According to Bloomberg Business, Tesla has taken orders worth roughly $800 million in potential revenue. So, what does energy storage mean for the average Australian household and people who are considering investing in solar?

At CSA Services we think new technology like Tesla’s Powerwall is incredibly exciting. An energy storage system allows excess solar energy generated by solar panels to be stored in batteries during low usage times for use during high usage times to reduce your energy bill; or be stored for use at nighttime.

The energy from your solar panels that is not being used passes through an inverter/charger and is stored in a bank of batteries to be converted back to 240 Volts (AC) to power your home when you need it.

Energy storage systems represent a move away from fossil fuels and a critical step towards energy independence and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Energy storage systems will: 

  • drive energy savings by allowing you to use more of your solar generated power
  • help you use less energy from the grid
  • give you greater control over your energy
  • provide secure and reliable back-up power
  • reduce your carbon footprint

According to Tesla the Powerwall will increase the capacity for a household’s solar consumption, while also offering backup functionality during grid outages.

The Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed for homes to store energy for load shifting, self-consumption of solar power and for backup power. The Powerwall consists of Tesla’s lithium-ion battery pack, liquid thermal control system and software that receives dispatch commands from a solar inverter.

The unit mounts seamlessly on a wall and is integrated with the local grid to harness excess power and give customers the flexibility to draw energy from their own reserve.

How can you take advantage of Tesla Powerwall?

There are a number of different products on the market that will help Australian households prepare to store solar power, one of them is SolarEdge.

SolarEdge produce inverters, power optimizers and cloud-based monitoring to help maximize self-consumption of power and enable homes to become less dependent on the grid.

CSA Services have partnered with Canadian Solar and SolarEdge to create a system that delivers advanced safety, peace of mind, cutting-edge monitoring and maximum power.

The Edge

By combining exceptional quality Canadian Solar panels with a SolarEdge Inverter, SolarEdge Power Optimizers and the most advanced cloud based monitoring system, CSA Services have created “The Edge” an innovative, high performance package.

On top of being compatible with the Tesla Powerwall (you can simply plug into this energy storage solution when it becomes available), the SolarEdge Inverter allows you to invest in solar in stages. You can choose to invest in an inverter with a larger capacity and purchase more solar panels in the future.

To learn more about innovative power storage solutions and systems like the Tesla Powerall and SolarEdge, visit csaservices.com.au or call the CSA Services team on 07 3285 2640.

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